Yankees vs Dodgers today

The Yankees are in town today. Listening to Vin Scully call the game and talk about people like Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle is pretty awesome.
It makes me think about the second time I went to New York. I think it was 2008. We had just gotten Joe Torre as manager of the Dodgers, and I was stomping around in the boogie down Bronx wearing my Dodgers cap,
I was at the Golden Eagle diner in Morris Park, visiting a buddy at Einstein University, but about to head up to the island to explore on my own. I was looking over the subway map when the fellow in charge of the restaurant came over and said “You from LA?”
I said yeah, and the guy’s son comes over, a young kid about 12 or 13 years old. The kid says something like “Man, my dad hates the Dodgers”.
The dad and I got a kick out of it, I laughed it off, and asked them sarcastically, “So what do you think of our new coach?” referring to Joe Torre coming over.
That stung them.
The dad let out a classic New York “Ohhhhhhhh!!” and the son sort of had a sad look on his face, and sat there silently stunned at having been reminded of Torre’s leaving, and the fact that I, the enemy, was here eating egg and bacon, wearing the cap of the enemy.
The kid, after a second, spoke up, and in the most somber tone, said “Well, if the Yankees don’t get one this year, I hope the Dodgers do good for Joe.”(sic)
That’s the kind of story I seem to run into at every turn in New York. that’s also what this game makes me think about.
2008 was the last year for old Yankee Stadium, and Shea. I got to visit them before they closed, and it was really magical. I love the history if both those baseball cathedrals, and to see them in their last year, the feeling was not lost on me.
So, as Pettite cruises along and Puig watches his hero (Cano) play in his yard, all tied up at 2 in the 8th….as Vin would say…

“And now, back to this one”