New Windshield day for the Coronet.

The crack in my windshield just had to go, not only was it dangerous, but also a great way to get pulled over.

I live by Mission road, near downtown Los Angeles. This road is known for it’s shops, glass shops, muffler shops, junkyards, etc.

First I went to the place that changed out my old Mitsubishi’s windshield, but they told me, “Go see Frank, over at GTO Auto Glass!”

When a businessman sends you to his competitor down the road, you know you;re hearing truth, so I took my 68 down the street to This place.

Frank and I made arrangements for the windshield to be delivered on Wednesday the 17th, and so yesterday, I took her in. They had the windshield up on a stand for me already, they were expecting me. The whole crew dug my car, and they were happy to let me take pics while they worked. I stayed out of the way and tried to glean any information I could learn from watching.

Frank also pulled me to the side, and explained every step. This is a welcome change from the usual mechanic treatment. usually you get no chit chat, gruff burly dudes who don’t want to talk to you. Frank was very cool, took his time, and taught me a lot. He also fixed up a couple of loose odds and ends without me even asking, and gave me pointers on how to fix things he saw around my car. Really cool dude.

Anyway, now my car has an AWESOME new windshield, and it really makes it feel like a new car. I never thought it would make THAT much of a difference.

Here is a little album with some pics of the process. Click on the pics for captions!

Now to put some miles on that thing!

– Fred.


Got my coronet home, and cleaned her out a little bit. Taking a look around.

Finally got to clean up the interior a little

Tore out most of the rotting carpet, put in the extra seat I had. Can’t really upholster them till the paint gets done, so for now this is it.



Engine bay, I didn’t really get to get all that much into it, but here’s a little sample before and after to give you an idea what I’m gonna end up with.

Cleaned up the fender a tiny bit just to see what I’m working with. Lots of potential. Really clean. Proud of my engine bay paint job too!



finally, just wiped down the engine a bit.

From this:

to this:


Shifter knob button was busted for about ten years, FINALLY fixed that, thanks to some members of the forum FBBO (For B Bodies only) the absolute best source for info on my car.



Cool assortment of random junk I found in the car while cleaning her out:

That’s a Tiffany Belt Buckle for Coca Cola! Where, or when the hell that got in the car, I’ll likely never know! The shoe bears my ex gf’s name, and the led zeppelin Houses Of The Holy was a regular in the tape deck. Old School for sure. The thumb wrap thing is from my days in a mailroom, from about 1998 in Arizona. Total nostalgia blast.

Here’s the incredible amount of junk I found in the car, this is what 10 years in storage, and collecting parts will do.

Emptied out the car except for a spare fan belt, some tools, assorted fluids and a terrible looking spare tire. Realize I need a fire extinguisher, a jack for my car, and to tighten up my rear view mirror if I’m going to be driving her around. Car feels SO Much faster with all the junk out of it, much more responsive. Still haven’t broken it all the way, so I haven’t been able to hit the gas, but it feels great.

I do hear an exhaust leak developing, and that’s a bummer, as the shop should have caught that, but I’ll deal with it. Just happy to have her home and start wrenching in earnest

Bonus find, one of the absolute heaviest nostalgia blasts, and coolest items found in my car, was this completely blown out t shirt that a 19 year old Fred put in the car as a seat cover for the passenger. I found it all in the springs of the seat, completely torn up. Only the front survived. hahah


Progress on my 1968 Dodge Coronet

I’ve had this car since I was about 18 years old. Bought it with $900 of my college grant money. This is the third motor I’ve put in her, and I built the motor’s guts with my own two hands. Here she is firing up for the first time in around 10 years.

The exhaust is just headers at the moment, Flowtech ceramic coated full length headers. T.T.I. exhaust is en route to the car now. Once that’s in, I need tires and maybe rims if I can afford them, and she’s ready to road test and break in.

This video is the culmination of years of stubbornness, knuckles being busted on the car, blood sweat and maybe even some tears. It’s an amazing feeling to hear the engine turn over.

I was also relieved that the thing didn’t just explode in a million pieces, but I guess I built her up pretty good! Formula one pit crew here I come.

Brand new transmission from Bob Mazzolini racing, the entire engine is new, every part of the drivetrain is new or rebuilt. Radiator with transmission cooler, front disc brake conversion, new drums in the back, and complete new wiring harness complete and ready to go. No mystery parts, spaghetti wiring or mickey mouse fixes any more. Only recognized genuine parts, with extras like a complete MSD ignition system complete with BIllet distributor, big ignition module and coil.

All the new parts that used to collect dust in the car are now working and breathing fire. Soon I’ll pop a radio in there and take a cruise out on the road with her, and really get to enjoy the fruits of my years of labor. So happy right now. Can’t wait to tackle paint and interior and be completely done with her. 

More to come soon! 

– Fred.