Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday 2013

Hello all, your man Fred on the scene, at the Stone brewery beer store in Pasadena, CA asking people who they think will win the Super Bowl?

The consensus thus far has been that the 49ers will win, bringing another championship to California, and glory to the Bay Area enough to shame any Los Angeles fan. After the Giants winning the WS and the Dodgers doing so horribly the last few years, it’s been a tough few years for us SoCal heads.

Anyway, the consensus was that everybody wants to see Ray Lewis win a ring, unless you’re a Pats fan, and have recently had your ass handed to you by said nearly Raven. Otherwise, the respect for the man has been huge, and I have to admit, I can count myself among those wishing Mr. Lewis a victory on the field come Sunday.

I conducted my survey at the Stone brewery in Pasadena tonight, and I also have to say that while most of us want to see Lewis win, we think Copernicus will have his ring. It’s a name too, really, because for a rookie to win so blatanty, his first starting season, would pretty much be an embarrassment for Lewis. Known for his awesome up the middle defense, the bane of tight ends, and punisher of short route receivers, his hits sounding off its that distinctive Ray Lewis crunch, he needs to go out with a win.

Kaepernik is Great, don’t get me wrong, but he will have a decade to get his ring.
Ray Lewis has been bending people backwards for 17 years, already has a ring, but really is the whole reason I’m watch this game.
OK maybe not the whole reason. I do admit, I want to keep an eye on the young SF rookie. He might be something special, and while I didn’t watch the nines enough his year, watching him dominate the playoffs this year as more than enough to convince me that San Francisco has something special on their hands.
I grew up watching Joe Montana play pitch and catch with Jerry Rice as a kid, so I know what a special quarterback looks like. I’ll reserve judgement on CK so far, but it has definitely been fun watching Him and Alex Smith go through what they are dealing with. It has really been amazing.
Tomorrow is the big game, and as a Los Angeles native, I still have no real team to root for, but I still have to admit…..

I’m more excited about tomorrow’s game, than any in recent memory.

Cheers everybody, I went to Stone today, and brought home a growler of great Ale for Super Bowl Sunday. I hope you all have a blast Sunday, live it up, and watch the game !!!!!