Noodling on my Fender.

Not sure what WordPress users opinion is on shameless self promotion, but here’s a recording of me messing around with my jazz bass, which I recently had repaired. I’m also on reddit, and this would never fly there. So I’m posting here.

What this is, really, is me giving my bass a test run. This is also just about what I would play if I were trying out a new bass for the first time, or when I’m walking around NAMM picking up various axes. It gets a little clicky at the end, a little too much treble and finger slapping the string against the pickups. Apologies for that.

Otherwise, this is just me noodling the way I do. I’d never recorded it, and thought it would be interesting to come back to in a couple of years and listen to.

BTW I recorded this on my Ipad, Garageband, using an Irig. My bass is a 1997 Fender American Deluxe Jazz bass I’ve had since 98. Its the one on the right here. 

Here goes. . .


Old Articles Coming Back To Haunt Me.

Google Alerts, well, ALERTed me to this article being re-hosted. Glory days type stuff! Gotta get back in that magazine again. . . but this time with a bigger pic! AND no, I’m not the hairstylist. I hit hat guy up, introduced myself, he never hit me back up. Way to make connections hairstylist bass guy!

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