At a loss in the supermarket

Today I saw somebody I hadn’t seen in a long time, an old girlfriend I used to see a few years back. We had a very short, but interesting conversation, and when she went to leave, she gave me a hug and the squeeze was pretty tight. I didn’t know what to make of that, but it felt good anyway, and I said “Have a good night” afterward. I was at the Smart and Final down the street, perusing the veggies on the way home when I saw her. I didn’t even expect the hug, but it was like a weird reflex when she went for it, so I hugged her. I didn’t squeeze like she did, and I’m sure she felt that. This girl knew me well.
Not sure if she reads here. She would know that if I wrote about her I wouldn’t use her name nor divulge her identity anyway. I think about these things. I wonder why. All this paranoia, who really cares? Who really cares what someone thinks they know, or have seen? Still, no names out of respect, and if this needs to be taken down for any reason, I’d be happy to.
So anyway, once again, I saw somebody I used to date at the market earlier today. I honestly felt like she missed me when she told me she did, but she also told me that I should come out, and that there were people who would like to see me, and right away she named a lot of the people she knows I don’t want to see.
Clever girl.
Like I say, I knew her very well. Inevitably, she came to know me very well. She knew right away that this part of the conversation was over, and that I recognized she was being a little snoopy. I let her know I’d rather not talk about it, said it was nice seeing her in the most convincing tone I could muster, and got in line.
I was a it dumbfounded when I got home, steamed some Brussels sprouts with some little red potatoes, and some corn on the cob. Looked awesome. When it was done, I sat down to eat, but then pushed my dinner aside, and just had to type this out. Now about half an hour later, my dinner looks cold, but I’m going to eat it, go to sleep, go to work in the morning, and forget all about my trip to the supermarket today…..