About The Author

I’m a bass player. That’s probably number one as far as “hats I wear” go. Its my favorite hat, and the stage is the most comfortable venue for me.

Then I’m a reader. I read all the time, usually one book for work, one for the bedroom, one in the car for lunches, and one in the restroom.

Next, a homebrewer. I make my own beer, grow my own hops, and run my garden like a battlefield. I defend my rhizomes like rear lines of an imperial army. I wage war against Earwigs, Pillbugs, and these nasty little spiky caterpillars that eat the leaves of my precious vines. War I tell you!

Professionally, I’m a manager for copyright royalties for Catalog releases at Universal Music. So music is in my head ALL day. I can;t get away from it, and I wouldn’t dream of doing so if I could. I love it.

Ethnically, well, that’s up for some debate, and the more research I do, the less willing I am to just say “Mexican”. Put your pitchforks away. While I love my people, and the homeland I know, I have looked into it, and found French, Spaniard, and possibly some Native blood in there too. That’s basically what a Mexican is, so yes, I’m Mexican, but I think being HUMAN, and the history that got you here, is far more interesting than just sticking with one race and calling it a day.

I’m also a writer. I used to write for various magazines and web sites, I won’t name them here, but to me, it was better when us music loving part-time writers got our articles in print. The smell of the paper, the sheer volume your article takes up in a print magazine, lets you KNOW somebody cared enough to put it in their mag. There are space concerns in a print publication that you don’t worry about online, and because of it, the content is watched MUCH more closely. Print to me, in that way, had more integrity on BOTH sides of the editor’s desk. So I love to write, and I have the bad habit of rambling, like I am now.

I’ll wrap this up. In short, I’m Fred. I think I’m a pretty ok guy, I’m no saint, but I’m way quicker to help than to hinder, and I bend before I break.

If you buy this round, I’ll buy the next.

Thanks for reading!

– Fred.


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