Beach fishing weekend, Triathlon, and a beetle.

This was a productive weekend! I tore my Volkswagen apart, found that some jerk had replaced some hex head nuts with cheese head screws (these are car terms I was previously unaware of).

This meant I had to tear into the old VW a little more than I wanted to, but so be it. All this mess, just to change a generator. For once, the simple VW engine was a major headache. usually these things are pretty easy to work on. Not today.

Here is the engine bay with the generator ripped out. What a mess.

Still haven’t had the guts to attempt the re-install, hoping to do so this weekend. With that out of the way, I had time for some fun this weekend too.

Friday night I went down to OC to see my gf, our schedules conflict so I head down there when I can to spend time. She comes up for the same reason. I needed something to do while she was at work Saturday, so I decided to try my hand at some Surf Fishing. I looked at my notes, and it had been 7 years since I’d fished in the surf! Damn, WAY overdue.

Had a blast fishing at Capistrano Beach. The parking there is RIGHT on the beach, and there are fire pits available. I will DEFINITELY be going back there.

I needed to break in a new rod as well, so I tied myself a nice Fish Finder rig, put a “Gulp!” Camouflage pattern artificial Sand Worm  and tossed it all into the surf. My new rod’s action was perfect, launching the rig well past the surf. On the second cast, Bam! a big bite, and a fish fighting me all the way back to the beach, I landed my first ever Yellowfin Croaker. It was so awesome knowing there were fish there, and very encouraging.

Cast after cast, I hooked into good fish. People on the beach were surprised to see me pulling these things out of the water they were swimming in. It was pretty incredible. This one was the biggest, and fought REALLY hard. Another fish crossed off my SoCal checklist. After catching 6 fish, the sun burned through the fog, and I decided to get out before it got too hot. I realized I had forgotten to put sunblock on my feet, and in my sandals wading on the beach, they were burned pretty badly. LOL Lesson learned.

So Saturday Morning was a success. I went home and went to bed early, because Sunday morning, My brother and I were part of a relay team in the Hermosa Beach “Day At The Beach”  triathlon. We were at the beach by 4:30 am, actually very early judging by the # of people on the beach. The volunteers running the event hadn’t even set up yet, too early.

When the event finally came, we had a blast. I rode 10 miles at about a 14 mph average, and put in a pretty decent time, for someone who hadn’t trained at ALL for this event. We were in the middle of the pack for the relay teams, so it was pretty good considering we were up against actual athletes who trained for this sort of thing all the time. I was # 48, and it was awesome passing people on fancy road bikes, on my not so fancy, heavy mountain bike.

It was a really fun crowd, and it was a short race really, so people were having fun with it. Like these two mousketeers who ran the entire thing in a tutu, and made a nice little curtsy at the end. Also this guy, who was one of a few people who carried their kids through the finish line. Super sweet.

After that, I was pretty much burnt out the rest of Sunday, so I took it way easy, nursed my sunburned feet, and caught up on some Boardwalk Empire.

All in all, it was a pretty spectacular Southern Cal weekend, and it really highlighted that you can do a lo of fun stuff here, if you just get out there and do it. Looking forward to trying my luck in the surf again next weekend, I feel like I’ve re-caught a bit of a surf fishing bug. I guess catching 6 croakers from the surf, in the warm sun will do that.

Cheers everybody, get out there and enjoy the last remnants of the warm sun before REAL fall sets in!

– Fred.

F-18 over the valley?

I was working at my desk just now when I saw and heard what looked like an f-18 (f-16s are old now, no?) making a HARD right turn over Woodland Hills. I work at Warner Center, and this thing was turning HARD right, making its rumble and making little vapor trails behind it. It was super loud, and I heard it coming from what seemed like a mile away.

I wish I had the presence of mind to snap a pic, but it all went down pretty fast.

Dodgers have won 4 of 7 games vs the Cardinals in 2014.

Couldn’t find the stat so I did a little digging. Kershaw goes tonight for the Dodgers, the 21 game winning ace faces Wainwright, who has also been a monster lately, after a shaky start.

Here is a little more info on the way 2014 went between the two teams. Can’t wait for tonight’s game!

Date Opponent Result Record Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher
Thu, 6/26 Cardinals W 1-0 45-36 Wilson (1-2) Wainwright (10-4)
Fri, 6/27 Cardinals L 1-3 45-37 Maness (3-2) Ryu (9-4)
Sat, 6/28 Cardinals W 9-1 46-37 Greinke (10-4) Lynn (8-6)
Sun, 6/29 Cardinals W 6-0 47-37 Kershaw (9-2) Miller (7-7)
Fri, 7/18 at Cardinals L 2-3 54-44 Lynn (11-6) Haren (8-7)
Sat, 7/19 at Cardinals L 2-4 54-45 Kelly (2-1) Greinke (11-6)
Sun, 7/20 at Cardinals W 4-3 55-45 Howell (2-3) Rosenthal (1-5)