RIP Little buddy.

RIP to my Chihuahua, The great and mighty Cheech “Godzilla” Montez. He was thirteen years old, and leaves behind a slew of beautiful offspring.

He was a true warrior. A much bigger presence than his 4 pound frame should have allowed, this little guy survived being hit by a car, an attack from a HUGE rottweiler, and several babies running roughshod over him. This dog was the king of cool, Snoopy had nothing on him. He was never bound by a fence or leash, somehow he just lived his life that way, and that’s how it was. The entire street knew him very well, and he was welcome in most homes.

For a tiny guy, he packed a humongous attitude. My pit bull Samson paid much respect to him, always deferring the good dog bed, and allowing Cheech to take his meal before digging in himself. It’s not like Cheech would have let Samson eat before he finished anyway. A snarl and maybe a nip on the nose, and Samson would be put in his place, by this tiny little ball of furry fury.

One of my favorite things about him, was that he was a great baseball watching buddy. When Vin Scully’s voice would come on the TV, or even my radio when I was under my car or outside, he would run up and make himself comfortable. He never left early, he was a good Dodger fan. He’s probably listened to more Dodger games than most people I know, and he was never afraid when the fireworks would pop off after a friday home game.

He’s gone now. I can’t believe I’ll never see him again. He won’t make people wait while he gets out of the street anymore, he won’t bite the mailman, fedex guy, or anybody else ever again. He’ll never attack me anymore when I’m barbecuing, or go after my knuckles when I least expect it. There’s a little less rage in this world today, and I’m going to miss it badly.

I’ll never forget my Cheechi boy.


RIP Little buddy.

3 thoughts on “RIP Little buddy.

  1. I’m happy for you that of all the people Cheechi could have ended up with, he was with you. You will always have the memories of something the rest of us will never know. That makes you special. Remember that.

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