Spring cleaning.

This weekend was a super productive one. I didn’t go out all weekend, other than having a very nice time with a friend on Friday, and seeing Rio 2. Yes I went and saw a cartoon movie. I was very entertained by an evil cockatoo, but even more so by the crowd. I always knew kids were loud in theatres, but the parents, oh my god the parents. . . .

I could hear the older latina behind me saying “ayyyyy mira nomas” at the “AWWWWWW” cuteness scenes thrown in. Remember this is a cartoon. It doesn’t translate well, but it’s something like “Awwww, look at the little darling”

These were adults.

In another scene, something happens where a stick snaps back, and smacks a cartoon parrot in the face. This is the dad parrot, the Patriarch of the whole parrot community in the film. Well, he gets smacked in the face by accident, by the younger parrot, the one trying to gain his trust.

Well, when the branch snaps back, predictably smacking the patriarch in the face, a man about three rows up from me, let out a big reflex “Oh no!”. I laughed. You would have thought we were watching the godfather, and Vito had just been shot on the bumper of that car, with a bag of oranges in his hands. I could not stop laughing for a solid couple of minutes, and sitting here writing this, it cracked me up again. So serious was his reaction, that I instinctively almost felt for him, then I remembered, “we’re watching a cartoon”. 

Then I though, “Why not?” Was I not entertained? True, I would not have chosen this movie if I were alone, but now that I was here watching it, it was okay. I guess you can’t be too serious all the time, and I do believe that it is good to be out of your element every now and then. This was definitely out of my element. Good company makes a good time though, and I had a fun night of it.

Saturday, I was a bit more in my element. It started with breakfast at Tony’s Darts away, a spicy sausage, no bun, and an ESB from Alesmith. Alesmith is AWESOME. Everything I’ve tried from them has been pretty incredible. After breakfast, I had an all day jam session with a few guys that are kicking the idea of a Chicha band around. Chicha is a type of music that comes from Peru. People call it “Psychedelic Cumbias” but really it’s just a fusion of a whole bunch of regional South American music with some elements of electrified music. Lots of drums, lots of guiro usage, and a whole lot of fun. Here’s one of the songs we’re thinking about doing. We got it down pretty well, we were all super excited about how well the demos came out.

Sunday, I painted my bedroom. Actually just primered it. Now I’m on Houzz.com trying to figure out a paint scheme for the room. I know I want white, with one accent wall, but I went to home depot to grab the paint, and was astonished by how many shades of white there are. I actually found one I liked, asked about it, and when the guy said it was called “Cappuccino” I thought, “Damn, is there brown in there? I don’t see it. . . ” I couldn’t do it, I figured, just primer it, and pick a color online!

So I bought primer, and some good rollers, and went to town. My brother came over and helped me out, and we knocked out the patching and primer in a day. Looks good!

Then, in the name of Spring Cleaning, I got rid of my couch. I’ve had the thing for probably 8 years, and it was time for it to go. A friend helped me out with a discount on a new one, and it was ordered same day. I expect it in a week or 2.

For now though, my whole house is in my living room until I get the bedroom painted, so I really need to finish up. The house looks crazy just piled up with stuff everywhere. When I go to set my room back up, I’m going to take the opportunity to minimize my bedroom, and really get organized in there.

I also cleaned up the yard, got the garden ready for the hop planting this week, and threw out some old bass amps I had laying around. I hated to do it, but I’m hoping some young punker will see them and pick them up. If not, then they’ll be in a landfill. All that mojo. . .. gone!

That was about it for this weekend. Felt really good to get so much done!



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