You’re breaking my heart over here.

So after being all excited and anxious for my car to be finished yesterday, there’s an issue with the kickdown gear and the transmission isn’t balanced properly with the carburetor. It wasn’t done last night. I was supposed to leave at 3:30 after a meeting I had scheduled, and the meeting ran long. 4 pm, and I was running to my office to call the mechanic and see if he could stay open maybe twenty minutes. It’s a long drive to Pasadena from Woodland Hills. 

He picked up and gave me the bad news. “Come by tomorrow” he said. Well, that’s today, and today I’m headed up to Mammoth after work. I’ll be gone all weekend, and back at work Monday. No dice on getting to drive her before I leave. I’m spoiled I guess, but I have also been waiting for this for about ten years. It’s true that I got her running well enough on my own. but all this transmission stuff is rocket science to me, and I thought it would be an easy fix for the guy. I’m not bitter with him, i just WANT to drive that damned car. 

Well, either way, all packed up and ready to go fishing this weekend. Inevitably, my thoughts will turn to my car this weekend, but I won;t let it sully the good time I’m going to Have. Vonnegut said yuo have to take a moment every now and then, and say “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”

This weekend is a chance to do just that. 

Patience. . . . 


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