Work Faux Pas yesterday.

I’ve been collecting LP’s. Vinyl. I love the way it sounds, I love the analog sound and the warmth, and space of the audio. I think it’s a million times better than any mp3, and a couple hundred better than most cd’s.

Anyway, the other day, a buddy (whom I work with) and I learned “(Just Like) Starting Over” by John Lennon. I decided I needed the album, since I loved the song so much. I scored myself a nice $5 copy from 1980 on vinyl, via ebay. Sweet! Starting over, and “Woman” are both on this record, and are to me, two of the best love songs of all time.

The LP arrived yesterday, at work. I grabbed my buddy, and we closed to the door to my office to put it on the record player (one of the nicer perks of working at a big record label) and CRANKED it. We talked and listened, and it was awesome. We took a break and listened to “Starting Over”, “Watching the Wheels”, and “Woman”. I wasn’t familiar with the rest of the album, so after my buddy left, I spun the rest of it.

Well about halfway through side B on this thing, John gave Yoko free reign. I walked out of my office during “Watching the Wheels” and came back horrified to find that Yoko was BLARING out of my office. nobody really said anything, we’re all pretty open to each other’s weirdness here, but this was a bit much. I had to apologize for my music, which is something I’ve refused to do forever.

This was Yoko though, and I was sorry. Truly, terribly sorry.

Reminded me of this. Exactly at the moment Chuck Berry glares at John, that’s how I glared at my record player. The performance on the record wasn’t quite as bad as this. If it were, I’d probably be fired.


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