My baby is in the shop!

Why does this always happen when you’re elbows deep in the middle of work? 

The Coronet is in the shop for a weird rear end noise. The rear end being the one part of the car I haven’t ever taken apart myself, I decided to leave it to the professionals. I also am trying to figure out what my gear ratio is in the back, just because I don’t have that info, and it could make a difference in deciding which gear ratio to choose. It’s a hard thing to explain, but generally speaking, it’s like the gears of your bike. You can have a really tall gear to cruise at 75 on the freeway without burning any gas, or you can have a really short one, and climb hills with ease, burn rubber and really accelerate like a mofo. 

I’m looking for something in the middle. I want to be able to cruise my car on the freeway, but also not embarass myself at the drag strip. So for now, I’m waiting for her to come out of the shop so I can cruise her around for a bit again. I feel like I’d been neglecting her over the holidays, only cruising her about 3 times in the whole season. 

Anyway, I guess this blog entry is just a device I’m using to avoid calling my mechanic. There;s nothing worse than rushing your mechanic. Let them do their thing. It might even keep your bill smaller. 

Well, until next time . . . .


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