It’s Tuesday night, and I feel like I absolutely have to write something today, just because I’ve been quiet, but busy. I’ve also had my wisdom teeth out, and where I thought I was thoroughly prepared for the “procedure”, I found quickly that I wasn’t. It was a bad time, but there have been very good times recently too. 

I picked up grain for an Oatmeal Stout, going to be brewing that soon. A big dark beer for winter, I’m going to try and add some cocoa to it somehow. Haven’t picked out just how yet. There are several techniques, from extracts, which I’m not fond of, to straight up chocolate bars in the fermenter. I’m leaning toward cocoa powder, but I want to find a good one. This will require the sampling of many cocoas. 

Here are some notes from my brewing notebook : 

  • Working beer names, Cocoa Beware Stout. (Caveat Emptor in a weird way) or, one I really like because of labeling possibilities for Christmas, Count Chocula. It has to be  though. Really want a chocolatey beer that is smooth, not too bitter. I dont want the hops too far up front, I want it to be a Winter Warmer style Oatmeal Stout. Its really just a Sam Smith Clone with Cocoa powder in different parts of the process.

Really really looking forward to this beer. Then I want to make a beer for the holidays, something to share at Xmas time. Champagne bottles? Who knows. 

I’ve also been watching a lot of racing lately, all hail TiVo! Drag Racing and Formula One, but just recently both of the points championships came to a close, trophies handed out, and pretty much waiting for the next season in both series. Brazil is one of my favorite races for Formula One, but with Raikkonen out and the infamous “Silly Season” upon us, F1 teams are looking forward to the new engine configuration next year. The season is pretty much over. It’s actually more exciting to see what records Vettell will shatter toward the end of the season than the races themselves. He takes off on the first lap and builds up at least a 4 or 5 second lead by the first lap. I hate that guy, but I love that guy. It’s incredible to see, but I hate that guy. It’s complicated I guess.

I digress.

My car (The Dodge) developed a knocking in the rear end, it sounds like maybe a brake pad thudding because its loose back there, or maybe a loose lug nut, but I checked all that out, and it looks ok.  So I went to the Dodge forum and asked, and I was told I probably need new bearings in the rear end.

The way the rebuild has gone with this car, this is what I’m going to do:

     I’m gonna rebuild the whole damned rear end. 

The whole time it’s been running, the only caveat (there’s that word again) has been that I haven’t touched the rear end. I’m told the rear end is a nightmare, best left to the pros. I’m just grateful to have heard and found it before it broke and caused rel damage. The positive to come away with, is that the entire drive train will now have been rebuilt in the Coronet. With some new leaf springs and shocks in the back, the working bits of the car will have been completely rebuilt. It should handle a hell of a lot better, and be a lot more fun to drive, with the peace of mind of knowing I’ve done the whole damned thing. I also have a sneaking suspicion I have freeway gears in her now, and I’m going to put some gears in that I can take to the drag strip as well as the highway. If you ever see a hot rod on the freeway in the right lane, going kinda slow, but sounding really loud, its probably because that’s a pretty  serious car, and its gears are so crazy, it has a hard time just cruising, it wants to be tearing it up all the way down a drag strip. 

I don’t want to go that crazy with the Dodge, I want to be able to take it on the freeway at about 70 and just be gliding. right now, it freaking idles at 70. the gears are kind of ridiculous. 

In the meantime, I’ve been tinkering with the Volkswagen, which runs now, after a good tune up and valve job. I changed the oil, and it was so burnt looking, it worried me, but when the car fired up, it ran BEAUTIFULLY. I think I need a new alternator, so I’m going to do that too, then it should be pretty well trustworthy again. 

All this has kept me busy, with no band stuff to do I’ve had a hell of a lot of free time, but I’ve learned not to complain about it. Instead I’m using that time to handle a ton of business and have a hell of a lot of fun.

Like getting my wisdom teeth out. 

Seriously though, it sucked, and I was doing fine until a week after the procedure. then it ached, and I took a couple days off work, then it was ALL fine. now its just sore, but I can tell its healing nicely and will be fine. I couldn’t believe what a big baby I was about the thing, and it actually made me very grateful and conscious of my health, because this is really as bad as it gets for me, and I know I am very lucky for that. It could really be much worse, yes I am aware. 

Well, coming up, looks like my brother and I will be buying a Caja China for thanksgiving and Christmas. I do believe I would document that meal, as it would likely involve roasting a whole pig. 


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