Medium Viscous Cement, The Elusive Model Glue.

My car was bouncing around in my head today. In particular, which color to paint it.

It’s hard to visualize what my car will end up looking like, and before I go spend a ton of cash on a paint job, I figured I’d paint a model of the car in the meantime, so I could finally see her in the proper color scheme. I went on an insane shipping voyage yesterday to buy an office fridge,  which is awesome, so while at the hardware store, I picked up some charcoal grey. Nothing fancy. Just the gloss enamel Rustoleum.

The idea is to go Charcoal Grey body with a black hood and tail stripe. The equivalent of this, but with charcoal grey in place of the red. I think mine is gonna look even more awesome than that, because you NEVER see them in charcoal, and because mine has the 500 grill, which to me is THE BEST one.

So today I painted the model, a couple of coats of the color, and I need to paint the hood and interior, and then put it all together.

While I waited, I was looking around for some good model glue info, and came across this article. 

After reading that I figured I’d use the “Medium Viscous Cement”, but apparently they don’t sell the one shown in the US. The stuff available stateside melts Polystyrene, which most model kits are made of. I found myself trying to convince an Aussie to ship a jar of glue stateside, but he’s too scared of international shipping license fees, which apparently are a thing. 

This Cyano stuff looks plain scary. Not worth it for hobbyist needs.

Danger Bonds human skin almost instantly and will cause permanent damage to the eyes.

In the end, I’m going to use the old school Tamiya Model Cement, which I remember being thin and runny as all hell. I remember getting this stuff on painted parts and ruining them, so experience tells me I’m going to have to be razor perfect and ultra sharp with this stuff. I guess that’s okay, since it’s kind of the point of model building anyway.

Back in the day, Old School Plastic Cement was all there was. It was messy and toothpaste thick, so you had to use a toothpick as an applicator. It would leave little hairs of glue on your body parts, and I hated that, so I’m gonna steer clear.

All this over just the glue to put it together. . . . . So while I was at it, I ordered myself another body to try the alternate color I’m thinking about . .  . . WHITE! 


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