Birthday weekend, and the Nautica Malibu Triathlon

Sept 7th was my 38th birthday.

Friday night Dr. Jones took me out for pupusas and beer, even though I told him I needed to sleep. Turns out I didn’t need to sleep. I thought my brother’s triathlon was on Saturday, but it was Sunday. Hmm,  monkey wrench in plans. . .

Saturday night I planned to go out to Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank, but now I’d have to wake up at about 3 am and head to the beach. I decided to take it easy Saturday, going out with about 8 friends to Midori Sushi in the valley.  Ate my fill, then had to head home early.

The morning was awesome. Up way before the sun, mom and I picked up my brother at 4 a.m. and headed straight to the beach. Traffic was a nightmare in Malibu, PCH loaded with Subarus carrying carbon fiber bikes and gear for runners and swimmers. Still no sunshine, waiting in traffic to get into the parking area.

At about 6 or so, we made it into the parking area, and jumped into a bus for the starting area.  Ed went and got ready with his team, his girlfriend, my mom and I went and set up a little camp on the beach. The sun was just starting to peek out over the Santa Monica mountains, and down onto us on Zuma beach. Just in time too, as the breeze and salty wet air was starting to give us all a chill. The warming rays not only exposed everything, but really seemed to energize everybody, and some of the swimmers even started jumping in the water to warm up. I went down and felt the surf, and it was much too cold for me. Reminded me of times I’d been surf fishing, with feet numbed by the cold water.

As the 7 a.m. race start time approached, a frenzy of activity found the racers lined up and ready on the beach. Only a few minutes later, the first cannon shot rang out, and the first wave ran into the surf, first jumping over the waves, then half leaping, half running into the deeper water, where they dove in headfirst and began their swim.

Once the race started, the regularity of the waves of swimmers, and the rising temperature made me want to walk around, so I checked out the booths and sponsors, grabbing samples of energy drinks and bars for future bike rides. So many people everywhere, there were something like 2500 people there for the race, plus their family and friends. 

After about an hour and a half, runners started showing up, and the announcer started calling out names. We judged the time my brother should show up, and took spots along the finish line. We saw a couple of people fall over at the line, lots of guys (no girls for some reason) that were cramping up, unable to continue. Then eventually my brother came around, having run the 4 miles in about 45 minutes, right at the mark he set in training.

After the race, we met a few of his coworkers, and they all got together for a group photo, which I also snagged for myself. Here it is! 

That was, for the most part, the end of my birthday weekend, as I was pretty much exhausted from lack of sleep, and constant celebration. I also went to Ikea, built that furniture, tore up the floor in my front room to install some new tile, and messed with the rear end on the car, which I think is going to get some new rear springs soon. It feels too much like a Cadillac back there. I’m going to stiffen it up with a Hotchkiss Sway bar, and some Extra Heavy Duty Mopar springs.

I was able to take my car out for a big cruise on Saturday morning too, and I really did feel like it was a gift to myself. I’ve been working on that car so long, and to finally be able to just jump in, turn the key, and hear the thing come to life is just an amazing feeling. So satisfying. So Choice. lol 

Well, that’s all for now. It’s Tuesday now, I’m fully recovered, took a nice bike ride last night, hit some golf balls, and I’m taking the day off, so I can run my car into the electrical shop to get my gauges installed after cleaning them up a bit. I don’t want to go poking around in the electrical system, so I’ll leave that to the professionals. And thusly begins, my 38th year.


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