A buddy of mine is having his first son soon. He has always been my taste tester when it comes to new brews, so I was proud to give him a sample of my first Pilsner. He sent me this picture, and I was pretty stoked about how nice it looked. It was sort of a whole summer process, brewing my first Pilsner, and it was really tasty. Here’s the recipe, in case you need it. The Keg is down to almost nothing, so my buddy’s bottle was one of the last of this batch. I took it around to parties in carboys, and gave some to everybody, and just about everyone absolutely loved it.

Now it’s fall, and the season calls for ales, and some bigger beers. Stouts, Barleywines and IPA’s as session beers is going to the the norm around here soon. Next summer I’ll be ready to go all lager, but I know I’ll brew one or two in the off season. Anyway, here’s the pic! Looking good, right? (I censored some of the personal pics he had on his wall. Those aren’t beer thought bubbles.)




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