There she is. Ethel.

In this pic, my car is looking a bit out of place. It’s at work, Woodland Hills. About an hour drive in traffic, about 30 miles from home. Those parking spots are made for little Honda’s and BMW’s, not Detroit steel. (Ok my car was assembled in LA, but I digress)

I’ve been driving my car to work just about every day for the past two weeks. The absolute worst traffic LA has to offer, and she’s made it through without a hitch. I’m absolutely super proud of her.

I just wanted to say, I’ve finally named her.

I went the geek route, and was researching names for a couple of weeks, and I finally was sort of hovering around “Ethel”.

Then the other day, to avoid Hollywood Freeway traffic, I took the 210 home, to the 2. Nobody on the freeway, and just flying over the hill. It felt stupendous, and my thoughts went back to her name. Ethel. I said it in my mind a couple of times, could I live with that name forever?

Traditionally, you’re not supposed to rename a vessel. Would I change my mind?

Then, on the way up to the 2, making a nice wide right and stomping on the gas, I thought about Ethel Mertz, from “I Love Lucy”.

Then it hit me,

“Fred & Ethel”

Lucy’s notorious neighbors. . . . and a couple forever. Not only that, but William Frawley, who played Fred, I’ve always loved. Vivian Vance, stayed by Lucy’s side until 1968, when my car was born.

That was enough. The name is there, her name is Ethel, and it always will be, if I can help it.


There she is. Ethel.

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