Took the Bohemian Pilsner out for a sample.

Last night I sampled my first ever Bohemian pilsner. I haven’t figured out what to name it yet, but it smelled to me like a Pilsner Urquell, and it tasted awesome, if a little light for my taste. 

I’ve already been asked for a sample, and I’ve had to turn them down. This batch is specifically for a camping trip I have planned with some friends in late August. We’re going up to Kern again, and last year I took an IPA, and my buddy took an Apfelwine. This year, two more of us in the group have started brewing, so they’ll be bringing a wheat beer, and a dark beer, that they will likely be barrel aging. 

Anyway, here is a shot of my Pilsner, on first sample, after only 1 day on CO2. It should be ready by Friday, but then I’ll take it off the gas, and let it lager until the camping tripI’ve also picked up a nice cot, and some paracord, and am messing around with learning how to wrap different things in paracord like the military used to. Its pretty handy stuff, and great for a survival or outdoors pack. 

I’m hoping to finally land me a trout north of a certain bridge up in Kern, I’ve caught one down by the campsite, actually fishing from my tent, but never one of the elusive ones up in the higher part of the river. That’s where I’ll be focusing my energies this year. 

Cant wait!


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