New Windshield day for the Coronet.

The crack in my windshield just had to go, not only was it dangerous, but also a great way to get pulled over.

I live by Mission road, near downtown Los Angeles. This road is known for it’s shops, glass shops, muffler shops, junkyards, etc.

First I went to the place that changed out my old Mitsubishi’s windshield, but they told me, “Go see Frank, over at GTO Auto Glass!”

When a businessman sends you to his competitor down the road, you know you;re hearing truth, so I took my 68 down the street to This place.

Frank and I made arrangements for the windshield to be delivered on Wednesday the 17th, and so yesterday, I took her in. They had the windshield up on a stand for me already, they were expecting me. The whole crew dug my car, and they were happy to let me take pics while they worked. I stayed out of the way and tried to glean any information I could learn from watching.

Frank also pulled me to the side, and explained every step. This is a welcome change from the usual mechanic treatment. usually you get no chit chat, gruff burly dudes who don’t want to talk to you. Frank was very cool, took his time, and taught me a lot. He also fixed up a couple of loose odds and ends without me even asking, and gave me pointers on how to fix things he saw around my car. Really cool dude.

Anyway, now my car has an AWESOME new windshield, and it really makes it feel like a new car. I never thought it would make THAT much of a difference.

Here is a little album with some pics of the process. Click on the pics for captions!

Now to put some miles on that thing!

– Fred.


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