Beer, and car stuff. Both Model sized and actual.

Last week was a hell of a lot of fun with the 4th of July and all, but this week it’s time to get back to car business. Beer too. Can’t forget about the beer.

The last brew was a tribute to the Brooklyn Dodgers, the 55 pennant Ale originally brewed by Brooklyn brewery. The recipe was a bit light, so I “updated it” with another pound of dry malt, and kicked up the ABV to around 6 per cent. Here is a link to the extract recipe.

And here is a pic! Beer is delicious, big and malty, hoppy as hell, and really does remind me of an ESB, which is a style I love too. Looks GREAT, nothing floating around in it, and very mellow but nicely carbed. Hops jump out at you, but not in an imperial IPA way.

On to car stuff.

I bought myself a 68 roadrunner model to mock up the paint job on my car. It’s a zillion pieces, and looking at it I wonder how I had the patience for this as a kid. I’m much more patient now, in my eyes anyway, and this model kit looks daunting at best! Scope a pic of the parts. . . 

All those little tiny components need to be individually cut from the frame wit a razor, and painted, then trimmed down of any excess plastic, then painted again. At least that’s how I used to do it. This time around I may be a little less meticulous, since I’m really only after a mock up of the color. Knowing me though, I’ll get into it, and I’ll be chroming microscopic parts in no time.

As fr the full sized model, I got back in touch with the second owner of the car, and got some really nice pics of her back in the day. He’s a really nice fellow for sending me these pics, and I really appreciate it. Our favorite, is this one, after some body work. She looks really beautiful here, and I cant wait to get her back into that shape and cruise down Sunset.

I took the day off today because I have a little summer cold that got worse, so I decided to spare the office peeps and stay at home. Watching the Mello Yellow drag racing and daydreaming about when my car is done.

I’ve been in one track mind mode for the past few months, and it’s finally paying off. Cruising the car like it’s no big deal, parking her at home, and not having to pop the hood every time to check for problems is awesome. I admit I still check, but it feels less and less likely that I’m going to discover any problems under that hood.

Until next time !

– Fred.


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