More car progress. A new steering wheel.

My car needed a steering wheel really badly.

Today, amazon brought my ar a little something. An old school grant steering wheel.
A cheapie, temporary, but it looks pret killer, and felt amazing to drive with today.

Here’s a couple of pics from earlier today when I switched it out

Sweet. next, in the mail is a manual choke cable, to help with warming the car up.
She stumbles a little bit off the line too, so I think an accelerator pump cam is in line for he carburetor. Maybe even a bigger gas squirter.

Had a lot of fun wrenching today. I think I am going to install a new gauge cluster temporarily, until I get the interior wiring all wrapped up. That means I have to figure out how to take out an old rusty plug that is sitting stuck in my soft and delicate aluminum intake manifold. Hope that goes well, or I’ll be spending a few hundred on a manifold, and tearing the engine apart again, just when I got her running nice and sweet.

Anyway, off to bed now. Cheers.


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