Progress on my 1968 Dodge Coronet

I’ve had this car since I was about 18 years old. Bought it with $900 of my college grant money. This is the third motor I’ve put in her, and I built the motor’s guts with my own two hands. Here she is firing up for the first time in around 10 years.

The exhaust is just headers at the moment, Flowtech ceramic coated full length headers. T.T.I. exhaust is en route to the car now. Once that’s in, I need tires and maybe rims if I can afford them, and she’s ready to road test and break in.

This video is the culmination of years of stubbornness, knuckles being busted on the car, blood sweat and maybe even some tears. It’s an amazing feeling to hear the engine turn over.

I was also relieved that the thing didn’t just explode in a million pieces, but I guess I built her up pretty good! Formula one pit crew here I come.

Brand new transmission from Bob Mazzolini racing, the entire engine is new, every part of the drivetrain is new or rebuilt. Radiator with transmission cooler, front disc brake conversion, new drums in the back, and complete new wiring harness complete and ready to go. No mystery parts, spaghetti wiring or mickey mouse fixes any more. Only recognized genuine parts, with extras like a complete MSD ignition system complete with BIllet distributor, big ignition module and coil.

All the new parts that used to collect dust in the car are now working and breathing fire. Soon I’ll pop a radio in there and take a cruise out on the road with her, and really get to enjoy the fruits of my years of labor. So happy right now. Can’t wait to tackle paint and interior and be completely done with her. 

More to come soon! 

– Fred.


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