2013 Kentucky Derby!

Betting notes for the Kentucky derby 2013

Never mind. I wrote my betting notes on the wrapper of a tarragon and chicken salad sandwich I picked up at trader joes on the way over here.

Now I’m at the big bar at the Santa Anita race track, with $100 in bets riding on the Kentucky derby. I know I bet that Gary Stevens would win, and also on a horse named Verrazano, and on my favorite jockey, Raphael Bejarano. The rain made everything a wild card, so I’m just betting on hunches and favorites to sweeten any potential winnings.

I’m also having a margarita on ice, no salt. This is a little tribute to Hunter Thompson, as today is the Kentucky derby, and in his infamous story about the derby, this is the drink you are absolutely not to have at the derby. So naturally I ordered one.

I want to preface this with a “I’m not racist/sexist.”

I do have to say though, there are a lot of Asians here. Tons of Filipinos, lots of others too, but mostly Asians. What’s up With that? Why the prevalence? Do they have a weak resistance to gambling, like the natives alcohol tendency, and the Mexican’s love for orange chicken from Panda Express? Maybe I’ll never know.

One interesting bet I made was on Rosie Napravnik, who hopes to become the first female winner of the Kentucky derby. If she wins, I win, feminism wins, everybody wins! Maybe this will get more than 29 attractive females to come out to Santa Anita to bet on the derby next year, and mix it up with these 5,000 male bettors. The ratio here isn’t even worth talking about. I’m surrounded by the older, burnt out men that make this late 30something nervous. Makes me wonder exactly how much I’m assimilating to these guys. Of course I tell myself I only popped in to make a few choice bets.

Another bet I’m excited about is on Kevin Krigger. If he wins, the jockey would become the first African American to win the derby in over 100 years. Since 1902 to be exact. That’s pretty exciting stuff, and in a W.A.S.P. dominated sport like horse racing, this is the kind of thing I’m ALWAYS rooting for. Not only an underdog, but upsetting traditions, making people question values, etc, all in the venue of sport. Exciting stuff to be sure.

Looking at he screen, I see that my favorite pick, the 3 horse, revolutionary, has gone from a 10-1 good bet, to a 5-1 front runner in no time, the brings the value of my bet down, but makes for a more exciting, harder to call race, in my opinion.

Either way, I’m here. This morning I was watch I the coverage from my couch, but it was just too much. I had to get out here. Then someone weeded the Hunter Thompson article, and that as the las straw. I had to get out here and see some of this stuff for myself. I’m glad I did, and If I win any of these bets, I’ll be leaving a super happy man.

Wish me luck!



One thought on “2013 Kentucky Derby!

  1. Really I wanted to see this match, But I missed this, It will have lots of excitement and thrill. This two minute match is really exciting match. I really like this match and also betting on it.

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