Back to Puerto Rico, the Ferry From Vieques

Ferry from Vieques

Our weekend in Vieques is over, and now I’m on the ferry between Vieques island and Fajardo, where we will catch a “colectivo” back to Isla Verde, then probably a cab back to old San Juan. Its been a hell of a couple of days, and today the island is to as HELL. The humidity of course, is what gets you, but it’s just gross to be coated in sweat the instant you step outside. It hasn’t really been this hot the whole trip, and it feels like the islands were saving it up for today.

I’m about three shades darker on the beer SRM scale, and I feel stupendous. I’m a little sore from swimming so much yesterday, especially the shoulders from doing the backstroke. I did get a little burnt on my back, because of my extreme farmers tan , but I’m not feeling it that bad.

This boat needs to leave, and get me to the sanctuary of the Plaza De Armas Hotel so I can check in and get some air conditioning.

One thing I’ve noticed about the islanders, is they love their AC. They blast it, and sometimes when you’re confined to close quarters, you wonder how they can stand it so cold when it’s so hot here all the time.

Headed back to Los Angeles tomorrow, getting home at about midnight after my buddy little Danny picks us up at LAX. It’s been great out here,  but I really can’t wait to see my dog, and my own bed. Also I can’t wait to get away from all the Mosquitos out here. Last night my legs got eaten up, and my calves feel like bubble wrap from all the bug bites. Next time I’m bringing some repellent for sure, I thought I wouldn’t need it, but I was a fool!!! I should have known better. Jungle +humidity = bugs!!!

Also just had about 7 piña coladas while waiting for this ferry, so i’m nice and buzzed and ready to get moving. Not looking forward to the colectivo ride back from Fajardo to Isla Verde, then the cab ride, a total of about an hour and a half.

About to put on my headphones, get into my own little musical world, and try to sleep a bit on the hour long cruise back.


Now, about twenty minutes later, I her the ramp to the ferry raised, and the big diesel engines turning on. I’ve got some Melvins in my ears and the at just shoved off. Bye bye Vieques, it’s been AWESOME!!!


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