Got back from Puerto Rico last night.

What an adventure! I took my ipad so I kept a running journal every morning out there. I spent about 4 days on the main island, and 2 on the smaller island to the east of it, Vieques. I wrote just about every other day, and I’m going to post them after I edit them and insert pictures. I really think it’s going to be a lot of fun to write and compile. 

I actually got used to the temperature out there, it was a solid 80 degrees the whole time, but there were days where it was just humid and WAY hot out there. So hot that the second you got outside you were drenched. I was freezing last night when I walked off the plane in shorts and a t shirt, the cold, and DRY Los Angeles air hitting me hard. 

One point of this trip for me was that we weren’t going to plan a lot of it. We were going to be spontaneous, and in fact we only booked one night before we left, the first night, so we’d have a place on hand to go drop the bags off. It worked out, and the week that followed, we played everything by ear, willing to even island hop and jump in cars with strangers, even venture out into the unknown parts of town where the locals hung out, and there weren’t a  lot of tourists. 

I just looked at the photo album in my Ipad, and it seems i took about 2000 pictures. I will need time to filter through these, and also hope to have a buddy edit the footage I’ve filmed so I have something edited and trimmed down. 

In the coming days, I need to give away the stuff I brought back for different people, a skirt for a friend, some bracelets that everybody over there was wearing, coffee for the coffee lovers, and cigars for the cigar lovers.

I just got through watching the formula one races and that was awesome, and worthy of a blog entry all its own. Too inspired to even get out a rational post, I just wanted to say that your humble author has been further humbled by the vastness of this world, and the beauty you can find out there, if only you go and look for it. 

Now I’m doing my laundry and getting ready to head back to work after 6 days off, and I can’t wait to see what my email inbox looks like. I’m guessing I’m going to see, hmm. . . .  368 unread emails.

We’ll see what it works out to. 


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