My house almost burned down today!

I live on a hill. Los Angeles has its share of hills, but today my hill decided to go up in flames really close to my house. This happened at about 11 and I was laying around just playing video games and hanging out, so I went out and got some footage of it. I was alerted to the fire by my dog Samson at first, but I didn’t heed his barking and grovelling. Then I heard a crackling outside, took a peek, and saw the whole hill ablaze.

This first video, is from when I first went out, camera In hand. I was scared shitless. My little brother manned our garden hose, and it felt completely ineffective.

This second one starts a little shaky, but at about a minute and twenty seconds in, there is an awesome shot of the water dropping helicopter making a run right over our heads.

This happens every few years, but this year it got really close to the house. It was a fairly frightening experience, and I’m glad we did our fire maintenance and trimmed all the dead brush around the house. .

What a way to wake up!


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