Impromptu Griffith Park stroll and the Old Los Angeles Zoo

Yesterday after work, traffic was bad. I was riding home with Jonesy, and the long line of cars and brake lights, was bleak at best. Not that traffic is ever good in the valley, but it was exceptionally bad yesterday, so we pulled off the 134 at Victory, and visited our buddy Little Danny.

He was just hanging out at home with his cats, being the little cat Dude that he is, and waiting for us after we called. We hung out for a minute, and after a little while, I started talking about how close he was to Griffith Park, and Jonesy surprised me with a “Let’s go for a hike?”

We all thought that sounded pretty cool, so we cruised up to Griffith Park, and went to the site of the old Los Angeles Zoo. Jonesy being a transplant, had never seen this place, so he was really digging it. I was tripping out at how much it’s changed over the years, and how apparently sanitary everything has become. We only saw one weirdo and no real piles of garbage or anything, so this place is MUCH cleaner than it has been in the past.

Really had a good walk, a good time, and even got a little brisk walking out of the whole deal. Here’s an album of pics from our visit, with captions and dorky poses and everything.







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