Ever play Risk?

Today is Good Friday, and my mom called me this morning, as she does every year, to warn me off the meat for a day. I told her I had already had a bacon and egg sammich for breakfast, but that I would not eat meat the rest of the day, just for HER.

I’m far from being a Catholic, though I’m not anti-religion. I just haven’t found the right one for me. Baha’i would probably be closest to my own beliefs. Not exact, but close enough to say, yeah, I pretty much agree with what they say, for the most part. Anyway, I ate meat, and now I’m probably going to hell (Again). Then I ordered grilled chicken at lunch and broke my promise to my mom absent mindedly. When I got to my table, I remembered, and a pang of guilt hit me. Still, mom doesn’t have to know, and it’s not that big a deal. I enjoyed my chicken. I don’t think God is gonna rat me out.

My evening tonight will consist of a trip to Burbank to check out some food trucks, then to a friend’s house to play RISK, the old board game. Glad I didn’t flake (almost did), and looking forward to it now. Especially glad because the person who invited me does so frequently and I can almost NEVER come out. I’ve had to flake badly the last few times. I really had to make sure I didn’t this time. She was at that point where I was no longer going to be invited to ANYthing, and that would suck. She and her boyfriend are among the coolest people I know, and I haven’t played RISK in probably a decade. Something told me I needed to stick to my guns this time. Probably nostalgia.

You see, for a couple of years, a group of friends and I had this awesome tradition of burrito/RISK night. We would each buy a burrito and a six pack on the way, and show up at a buddy’s studio to have a night of RISK playing. Friendly games to be sure, but they got heated. In particular, if we had a Friday night Risk game, it meant three things:

  1. There was NOTHING going on that night
  2. We were broke.
  3. We were planning on getting thoroughly intoxicated.

Tonight, is a different crowd. It will be interesting to see how this group takes, or doesn’t to the game. I would feel like I had some crazy advantage from having played so much in the past, but its a game of luck like any other. The old crowd was all metal heads. All post pubescent, but still boys. . . We all had cars, but nobody had a car payment, you know, that phase of life. Our jobs weren’t part of any career, and crashing on couch’s all weekend didn’t hurt on Monday like it does now.

The crowd tonight, on the other hand is mostly thirty-somethings. All of us are fully responsible adults with real careers. A couple of attorneys, a few professionals, married couples, and a practically married couple. Oh and me. I guess I fall under the professional group. Difference is, instead of bringing a sixer or a couple 40 oz beers, I’m bringing a growler of my own home made Robust Vanilla Porter. Feel a little snobbish saying that, but really it just means my tastes have really developed. I’ll keep telling myself that.

Tomorrow night, I’m going out for Korean BBQ for the first time ever, and I’m promised that I will love it. I’m not too skeptical, since it mainly sounds like grilled beef soaked in spicy marinades. That is so right up my alley, its ridiculous. It’s also ridiculous that I’ve never tried it. K-town in Downtown LA is a hot spot lately, and I’m happy to finally try their trademark meal.

Then Sunday, that’s Easter, and my Niece’s birthday party. She’s an April Fools day baby! I’m hoping to get some pics in, and practice my photo skills for Puerto Rico, which is coming up for me on April 10-15. Twelve days. . . . . Twelve days from now I’ll be in the Atlantic, on an island. An island that loves baseball and boxing.

That’s about it for today, I just wanted to post a little something for the weekend.

Have a happy Easter all!

– Fred.


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