03/15/2013 and a hell of a weekend it was.

What a weekend! 

Another post will have to follow this one, I’m just sitting here thinking about all that went on this weekend, and kind of not believing everything I got done! 

  1. Rebuilt a SOLEX 34 PICT-3 Carburetor for the second time in 15 years.
  2. Won money at the track, betting on the ponies.($165, not too shabby!) 
  3. Baby sat my niece and nephew for the first time. 
  4. Racked a Robust Vanilla Porter to Secondary.
  5. Shot some awesome photos with the new Olympus (Review to follow soon) 
  6. Yardwork, Laundry, Living room dusting, and even made some kickass homemade lasagna. (No pics, it went too fast) 
  7. Attended my buddy Herbert’s b-day party. Catered by The patty Wagon
  8. Adapted my camera to take old 35 mm lenses! This I’m excited about as it allows more film like video. 
  9. Came up with an artwork plan for a b-day present for mi momma. Now to put it into action. 
  10. Watched Formula 1 Australia! Season opener, and feels super fantastic to have the series on NBC. Can’t wait till The Nurburgring Germany! 


Hell of a lot for two days, and I know I’m missing some good stuff in there, but now here at lunch writing this, it seemed like a week. 

More soon . . . . 


– Fred. 


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