Amarillo Hop SMaSH beer.

Last night I tapped a keg that has been carbonating for two days, using the slow keg force carb method.

This is the simplest beer you can make, only domestic two row malt, and Amarillo hops. The beer was perfect!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm beer.

Amarillo/2 row SMaSH brew.

It reinforced my recent thought that a beer doesn’t need to be uber complex or have a complicated grain bill to be a good beer. It was tasty, had bitterness in all the right places, is about 6.7% ABV according to an online calculator, and is plenty big. Plenty of punch, aroma, flavor, and mouth feel. Really surprising considering how people obsess over the tiniest changes and grain additions.

I feel like I’ve done a lot of experimentation, and it’s coming to a close. It’s time to figure out which two beers I will have on tap hopefully at all times, and start using a third keg for experimental batches. This way I have a consistent solid product on hand, and something new for when I want to go a little crazy with the recipe.

I don’t think any of my standby recipes will be SMaSH beers, but it will be nice to formulate it as time goes on, and really nail my favorite beer recipe.

Until then, I’ve got 10 gallons of this SMaSH to go through, then I will move on to brewing my steady supply.

Happy brewing everybody!


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