Electrical parts co$t Money!!!!!

Today I had to spend more on my car than I ever have in one day, and it all went on a bundle of wires. I guess I’m finally paying for always saying that electrical is the one system of the car I never was interested in. It sure bit me in the ass this morning though. 



001-> HU232N          0000001 B/U LMP & NEUTRL SFTY HRNS        46.930    46.93

                              69-70 B-BODY AFT 11/15/68      

002-> HU180B          0000001 ENGINE HARNESS 273/318 CI         94.570    94.57

                              1968 PLY & DODGE B-BODY        

003-> HU268B          0000001 DASH HARN WITH OIL LIGHT         561.210   561.21

                              1968 PLY & DODGE B-BODY         

004-> YOSPO18         0000001 YEAR ONE SPECIAL ORDER            64.990    64.99


Total, $767, and about $800 after shipping and stuff. I recently paid off my truck, so this is money I would have spent on transportation anyway, but it still hurt do pay that much in one chunk. I guess lesson learned is, I need to look into learning more about wiring. The VW Beetle I have also will need some wiring work soon, I guess I’ll practice there. 


The main benefit of wrenching on your own car, is saving all that money on labor. Parts are usually surprisingly cheap, but jobs can get complicated quick, and complicated = expensive. Since I never learned the electrical system, I relied on several different people to patch up and spot repair different things on the car over the 20 years I’ve had it. Now it is a mess of jumbled wires, spaghetti and ozone sauce, a crusty, melted, burned, jumble of confusion and wire nuts. 

The parts I bought today, are reproductions of the originals. They’ll look the way the car did when it rolled off the assembly line. This will help with my restoration efforts, and making the car as original as I want. (NOT as original as possible, I don;t want to go that far) 

It also occurred to me, the value of a neat, original, uncut electrical system. Next time I buy an old car, this will definitely be at the top of my list, and in that case, I’ll need to learn how to diagnose a car’s electrical system. Always something more to learn with these old cars, which is why I love it so much in the first place. 


Until next time……





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