Some progress on my Dodge Coronet 500

This weekend I had a chance to wrench on the car, and really take a look at just how bad my interior is. i don’t even want to post these pics, they make me sad. So I need to something about it. Here’s what it looks like, and what I’m gonna do. 

1. The Steering wheel is an unavoidable one. It’s the one part of the car you are ALWAYS in contact with, so I really do need to replace it. I found an original one online for $50, so I’m probably gonna pick that up. It’s not the right color, but it’s better than copping out and putting a GRANT wheel on. 

2. Seats. My seats are beyond torn up. The driver seat wasn’t even with the car when I picked it up. Luckily, I found 2 bucket seats from a 1969 Satellite online, and picked those up for $200. i should have thought this one through more, because the seats didn’t come with the rails they sit on. I ended up spending another $200 on ONE set (Drivers side, cursing that missing seat). Don;t ever throw ANYthing original away on a car until you’re COMPLETELY done! 

3. Disc Brake conversion. My goal, is to make THIS, look like THIS (Or close enough to it) So far I’ve only gotten THIS FAR, but they’re fully functional, and now the car can stop. No point making her go, if she can’t stop! I really like the look of the powdercoated parts in the clean pic. . I think I’ll go that route when I give the undercarriage some more attention. 

4. The Engine bay. It’s really coming along. . . this is the part that’s had the most of my attention, from cleaning 6 years of arizona sand off the frame to 45 years of grease that was stuck on the K Member, cleaning up the engine bay was a hell of a headache. I’ve never had a piece of a car beat me up so much. I feel really good about this part of the project so far. So much more encouraging than the interior is. 


I really hope this is the summer I finally get to bring my car out to the beach, and maybe take a nice long road trip, radio off, the motor providing the soundtrack. . . . . . 


– Fred. 




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