Posted this in the Mopar B Body forum.


A little background on the post:

I’m rebuilding a 1968 Dodge Coronet, and have been getting a lot of advice from this website. I posted the below, after finding some mountain biking pics from a couple of months ago…….Posting here for the same reason I posted there. .. any info ?  


Spotted this while riding my mountain bike in Daley Ranch, Escondido, CA.

Half buried in the earth, like a car crawling out of a shallow grave, full of bullet holes and disposed of where nobody would look. . .

Here’s another angle, you can see how deep it is. . . .

Anybody know the story behind this thing? I wonder whose fence that is?

Love the site, by the way, I’ve gotten so much help here it’s amazing. My 68 Coronet 500 (318/904) will be up and running soon, then paint and interior, and some road trips!

Thanks all!

– Fred.


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