Interviews today. . . .with a twist. . . .

The twist is, that I’m on the other side of the desk. 

Being the interviewer is new for me, I’ve sat in on interviews at other jobs, but never was really the interviewer. It will be interesting. 

I hope the opportunity presents itself to ask one of those curve ball questions that really lets you see a person think. 

I don’t have a degree. I have a GED, but I’ve taken tons of college courses, have always read as much as I can, and never shy away from a difficult book. Right now, for example, I’m reading a biography on Daniel Boone for some history, I’m reading the Count of Monty Cristo for a classic, and I have Don Quijote on my desk at work for some Spanish practice. 

Point is, Momma didn’t raise no dummy. Today feels like a bit of a vindication. A sort of proof that I’ve been doing ok. 

Gonna be a new point of view, looking at somebody on that side of the table, in that respect. 


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