On playing with Mike Watt, and a just plain awesome weekend.

This weekend was huge. So much was done, so much happened, it boggles my mind, and makes me wonder what is next.

Friday night was the quietest, didn’t really do anything but laundry and some dishes. Saturday started bright and early with Breakfast at Pat & Lloraines with Chato, who was sure that every different corner in the place was THE CORNER that they filmed some scenes in Reservoir Dogs. I told him to watch the movie, cause they probably switched it up, but it was funny to see him SO sure that EACH different corner was THE corner. I reminded him that there was a shot that went around the whole table, so he agreed to watch it again. We were giddy the whole day with excitement for the show, and our conversations probably suffered because of it. Here is a shot of the scene, so you can see for yourself, which corner it is.

After breakfast, our buddy Baxter came up from Lake Elsinore for the night, he wanted to go to the show with us, and showed up early to jam a bit and record some grooves. We jammed all day, had some brews, and I left to have a nap before showtime. I got in about an hour of sleep, after an hour tossing and turning, kinda nervous about the show later.

Once we were there, we hung around, the bar got PACKED, and after a while backstage waiting our turn, in walked Mike Watt. Nobody talked to him, and it seemed like he wanted to be left alone. He sat in a chair, listening to the band before us, and kinda humming along to the bass lines. He seemed to be digging it, and killing time waiting to play.

Once it was our turn, we got up on stage, I got all my gear set up in record time, and I had to wait about 10 minutes for Rob to set up his drums, and Chato to get his guitar ready. I dont use any effects at all, so I set up much quicker than the guys usually. It really doesnt help being nervous to be up on stage in front of a couple hundred people, but the bar was so packed, I stayed up there and strummed a long to the pa music to get an idea of my sound level.

We had an AWESOME show. We tore through our set like we do, we mixed up the song order so it felt a little fresher than usual, and we left them wanting more. Screaming for more actually, and some were even calling out requests, asking for songs we didnt play, but we left them craving it for next time. We seemed to have a following in there, and it really felt great to play for people who know your music.

After the show, we hung out with a TON of friends, and I got another chance to talk with the Man himself. I walked with Mike while he pushed his gear back to his vehicle.I told him about 1995 when I found his album “Ball Hog Or Tug Boat” at the Goodwill I was working at, which coincidentally was attached to the same building we had just performed in. He talked to me about his inspiration for the album, and a bit about philosophy on the bass, which was amazing because I had the same exact conversation not one day earlier with my good buddy Helbig. He told me to listen to James Jamerson because of the way I play, and  when I told him I already did, he said he knew it, he said my bass playing was really good and gave me a serious look to let me know he meant it, and I pretty much have been in a zone ever since. I’ve been floating on air, feeling awfully accomplished, and just happy as all hell to have heard him speak those words. It meant a lot, and it made me super happy.

The past couple of weekends have been really awesome. God damn I want to keep this thing going, whatever it is.


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