My 68 Dodge. . . .

This morning, I called a mechanic who was supposed to come down last Sunday to do some work for me, on a 1968 Dodge Coronet 500 that I own. He flaked, because it rained. Today, he said it was too cold to work on a car outside, so he wasn’t going to make it. 

Thing is, I could do this work myself, but I know what this guys is talking about, it’s TOO damned cold to work on a car today. Granted, it’s “Los Angeles Cold” so, maybe 50 during the day. Still, lying on the floor, on my back, working really hard, pushing big weight, like transmissions and holding headers up while threading bolts with another hand, can really mess you up on a cold concrete floor. Even with a creeper (like a dolly for mechanics), gloves, and a big flannel on, the cold seeps through, and eventually, you get really sore from all the little dings against cold iron you take. Not to mention knucklebusters, when your socket, wrench or screwdriver slips off, and you bust your hand good on something like an Intake Manifold. It pays to work on a car in a well lit, warm environment, with nice surgeons gloves on and 5 guys holding things for you. Working in a driveway with a flashlight in your mouth is another story. 

So anyway, I called this other guy I know,  guy, and he agreed to let me tow in my car on Wednesday morning. It’ll be nice to even see it move on a flatbed, it’s been so damned long. It’ll be even nicer to put my foot on the gas and watch her go! 


7 thoughts on “My 68 Dodge. . . .

  1. I like the most the size of these cars, because they are a lot bigget than common cars in the EU, and I think they just look better. They have a style.

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