The Hot Box podcast, and MuerTones EPK is released !

Tonight, The MuerTones met at 6th and Olive streets in Downtwn Los Angeles, cracked a 12er of XX beer, (Amber), and waited for Mary, our gracious hostess, who had invited us there for a podcast interview on The Hotbox Podcast.

I was especially interested as Podcasting has piqued my interest of late, and these ladies seemed to have had it going for some time. There seemed to be a flow to their process, albeit made haphazard by herb breaks and impromptu smoke sessions in between chats.

We had an absolute blast. I brought 2 growlers of my latest homebrew, the light IPA, and all partook. Even Jeremy, the sound guy, who I forgot to hit up about a whiskey concoction I need to look into.

We got to plug our show Saturday, January 12th with Mike Watt at the Redwood, and we talked a lot of shit, joined the ladies for a smoke rotation, and had a blast in general. Really need to do more of this now that the EPK is out.

Oh, RIGHT! OUR EPK IS OUT ! Here it is ! ! ! ! 

Let us know what you think!!!!

Now, it’s 11 pm on the dot, I’m headed to bed, and ready to face the rest of the week. I’m satisfied knowing how much we got done this week, with the EPK, the PODCAST, and MIKE FREAKING WATT on Saturday. Gonna be an awesome weekend.

Fred OUT


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