Mondays can be awesome too.

Today on the way home I passed by my homie Chato’s house. He plays guitar in my band, The MuerTones. He showed me an EPK he’s editing at the moment, for the band, by the band, about the band. I loved it. Can’t wait to share it. He’s really got a knack for this editing thing. He turned it around in a short time, considering he had only the most random shots, from all over the place, to mix together and draw from.

Then I went home and watched a German Touring Cars race, from Munich’s Olympic stadium. Pretty awesome, Bruno Spengler won it for a BMW Team, and all the cars were very fast, looking like production car stretched out widthwise, with deep tubs for fenders, for those big wheels that snugly grab in the fastest turns. Amazing stuff.

Now it’s about 8:30, and I’m going to finish off my beer, and finish off Blood Meridian, which I faltered on. I was sure I had finished it. The book is a bit grueling, so I’m not surprised I had put it down, about halfway through. Still, I need to finish it, so I can finish the Daniel Boone Biography, so I can move onto “The Count Of Monte Cristo”, which I somehow avoided all my life, though everybody on earth seems to have read it, usually around 5th grade.

t’s cold tonight, and the old Honeywell space heater is struggling to keep my pad/apt warm.


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