Light IPA. . . My Homebrew, self review.

Today I went and picked up some more CO2, so I could continue pouring beer. 5 lbs of CO2 is $15, and a bargain for all the brew it carbonates. 

Here’s a pic of my latest, the light IPA.

I made this beer for my beer friends who stick to mostly light brew. I’m trying to make a more universal IPA. Something so people who drink small beer, can try a medium beer, with characteristics stressed to open there eyes to different parts of the brew. I was happy to hear Ian describe it as Citrusy, because that’s exactly what the hop character should be like. See HERE.

The beer is a bit lighter than the picture. It’s more amber than brown, with an almost red ale type tinge to it. Here’s the recipe for it, for those of you who brew.   The only difference tis time was I used the 40L crystal malt rather than 60. 40L is more for light color, and head retention. It seems to do its job for head retention. The beer laces the glass nicely, and if poured vigorously, settles into a rich creamy off white head. 

The nose is all Citrus, the beer itself tastes almost like the porverbial grapefruit juice ipa, but without the mouthy astringency of some hoppier beers. No mouth puckering bitterness, no heaviness to the malt. This is a very light beer, with the hop aroma forward, as opposed to flavor forward, like a Stone IPA, etc. This was a great way to really feature the chracter of the Centennial hops, and Im looking forward to my next SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) Amarillo and two row brew. the ingredients for that one are hanging out in my fridge for when the weather gets a little bit better. 

That’s all for today, I hope to document my next brew day, so stay tuned for that ! 



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