New Years day, 2013

Another year has passed, and I thought I’d start this blog fresh today, as I don’t Facebook anymore. Facebook is a verb and a noun, but mostly it’s malarkey. They have tightened their grips on user content, and more and more ad-creep is happening, along with features I just didn’t care for. 

I can’t help but ask myself, “Why am I typing about this, is this really the first thing, the biggest change in your life that took place this year?” 

I suppose the easy answer is yes, but the reality goes a bit deeper than that. 2012 to me was a year that I used more resolve than ever, I lost some weight, bought a bike and rode something like 400 miles, Played a bunch of shows and achieved a whole lot with the MuerTones, my Surf band. Really I suppose the key was to focus on healthy habits, and to let alone those that didn’t do me any good, or took my time away from me. Facebook fell into the latter category, and after a friend, Amber quit her FB page, mine was pretty much doomed. 

I dwelt on it for about a week, then I deleted my phone app. Instantly, productivity at work jumped. I caught up and even got ahead on my day to day, which usually I would straggle just behind. It was a pretty amazing change for something so small. 

The same thing went for the purchase of my GT Mountain Bike. On a whim one day in the summer of 2012, I bought a mountain bike. It was the first bike that I ever really bought new. Usually, my bikes were stolen, or hand me downs, or even purchase on the street.  Almost always they were the wrong size, or just terrible Murray or Kent bikes sold by the bigger stores in town. 

There I was, buying a bike, in my size, brand new off the lot like a car with a guarantee and everything. Now after riding around for about 6 months, and those 400 miles feeling like nothing at all, like I’ve been slacking on the biking, but still pleased that I did anything at all. 

It was just a little change, riding about an average of twice a week, but riding consistently, and challenging myself every time. I loved it when my friends would say I was crazy after a 30 mile ride, or said they wouldn’t even try to ride some of the routes I’ve pedaled myself over. 

So, this year, I’ve got to find that little thing that little healthy habit that’s going to impact me.  The only resolution I set, was to develop one more healthy habit this year, but to make it stick. I was even thinking of limiting myself to only allowing myself to drink beer that I’ve brewed which would do two things;

Make me brew more beer

Make me drink less beer.


Both are things I wanted to do in 2012, but failed to. IfI can make this goal stick, the added bonus is that it would be a matter of personal pride, crafting my beer lovingly, and forcing me to be honest and only brew what I really truly want to. 

I know this blog is definitely a sign that I want to take more action this year, and I intend to let mine be a record of 2013, now that facebook is gone for me. 

I intend to write reviews on the things I come across, and make a visual, perhaps video and also audio record of the events of this year, along with my own journal. This is probably my favorite style of blog to read, so I think my writing style and taste will allow for a pretty decent one, and I do sincerely enjoy the lack of pressure, and control, over what I write. 

I’ve never been censored by anything more than simple guidelines, or cookie cutter templates people have in mind. I hated even that. I intend to experiment with different formats, different feels, and I intend to talk about HOW I write far less than I already have in this introduction. Hopefully, I will have enough subject matter to have better things to talk about. 

Starting now I suppose, here it goes. 

– Fred Montez.


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