06/29/2011 to 07/3/2011

Thursday June 30th, The Echo presents a record release from Johnny O’Donnell and Sacramento.  O’Donnell, formerly of the Holy Ghost Revival, will be leading a night of psychedelia and rock and roll perfectly suited for the little Sunset Blvd hipster haven, in honor of their 4 song EP, out on White Noise Records as of June 28th.

Also Performing are John Carpenter, Corridor, and residual Echoes, all a mix of neo psychedelic music spawned from scenes like Echo park’s own current mix. The show starts at 8:30 pm, is 18 and over, and only costs $5.


The Rosebuds perform at The Satellite in Silverlake on Friday July 1st, a poppy rock band who deliver their tunes with a sense of longing, and a melancholy feel that pushes the songs along beautifully.  The band’s story is fascinating, led by the primary songwriters and creative force behind the group is a couple, formerly married, whose relationship has spanned and inspired the band’s existence. Over the years, the trials and triumphs of love and music have been documented on their albums, and at times can be intensely personal.

No longer a couple, their last release “Loud Planes Fly Low” is a ten song collection of songs about heartbreak, and the story of the love and time the couple shared. Amazingly intense and brilliant, the album plays like one long single, with a celestial feel. For something so honest and personal, the band really delivers with this release, and shows how far their sound has developed over the years.  Also performing are Other Lives, and The World Record. The show starts at 9pm, 21 and over only, and the cover is $12.

Saturday night Mr. T’s Bowl hosts Hands Like Bricks and Lysolgang for a night of cleverly written punk rock and some tongue in cheek good fun as well. Hands Like Bricks are fresh off a stint in Las Vegas, where they are rumoured to have played a show in a hotel room during the punk Rock Bowling tournament.

Lysolgang will be performing in advance of their upcoming self-titled debut LP, which is expected to drop on Sunday July 31st.  Both bands are locals, should have a great crowd, and as always, with an upcoming record release, Lysolgang is sure to have their show tightened and tuned for a tour. Also performing are Los Dharma Bums, from Highland Park, not to be confused with the garage band from the 80’s. Doors open at 9pm, the show is 21 and over, and the cover charge will be only $5 so get out there and support your local music scene!


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