Through 06/19/2011

The Boulevard Cafe and Bar kicks off a busy weekend on Friday June 17th, with a show featuring Hellcat Recording artists Static Thought, former label mates Union 13 and Los Difuntos. Also performing are The Dirty Filthy Mugs, and The Apathy Cycle.

The bar will be full of an interesting, aggro mix of music on Friday, with the various styles ranging from Static Thought’s bay area infused punk rock, to Los Difuntos’ East LA based psychobilly madness.  Union 13 have been an East Side punk staple since the backyard gig was the only way to get loud, and the Dirty Filthy Mugs sport a style more akin to bands like Bouncing Souls or The Pogues.  Altogether this bill sounds like an entertaining mix, especially if you like your guitars set to eleven. Show starts early, at around 7pm, cover is $8, 18 and over only, please.

On the weekend of Saturday June 18th, HM-157 in Lincoln Heights is having another weekend long festival of music, food, crafts and entertainment with the 3rd Annual Summer Solstice Festival, featuring  their usual fare of across the board diversity, wild experimental bands, and traditional, revivalist folk. Featured artists include quirky countrified singer songwriter Amanda Jo Williams, local favorites the Whispering Pines, and a wide array of different music, without going to ear shredding levels. Not entirely acoustic, but not quite loud enough for some, this show promises a bit more on the mellow and groove side.

Headliner Michael Yonkers has been pulled, he had to cancel his first show in 50 years, but the bill still offers up over 20 groups performing, including burlesque by Jewel of Denial, fire dances by Magpie and a Menagerie of Lightning Bugs, BBQ, projected trippy visuals, and DJ’s all weekend long.  Admission is $10, and is all ages. With all this talent rolling through Los Angeles’ homiest venue, this show probably offers the most diverse mix this weekend.

One of the East Side’s most respected and storied bands in recent memory, Aztlan Underground will be celebrating their 20th anniversary on Saturday June 18th, also atthe Boulevard Cafe and Bar. Hosted by none other than KPFK’s own Pocho Hour of Power show, the event features a night of music, comedy, theatre, live silkscreening, and a celebration of a band that has been iconic to local scene kids for the last 20 years. Trends have come and gone, neighborhoods have been torn down and revamped, some barely recognizable, but Aztlan Underground have kept their integrity intact and taken their fans on a two decade journey of introspection, cultural education, preservation, and celebration. 

One member of the Pocho our of Power, Lalo Alcaraz, has been in the national forefront for some time now, penning his signature syndicated comic “La Cucaracha”, a latino themed comic addressing problems in our neighborhood and beyond.  Often the humour is dark, but also it shows a willingness to deal with, and recognition of the issues we face every day. His comic and commentary are sharp, critical, and pointed directly at a system of government and society that leaves cultural importance in the dark.  The same can be said for Aztlan Underground, except their message is delivered to your ears, rather than the eye. The celebration kicks off at 8pm, so show up early!

Sunday, June 19th, Swervedriver will being a night alternative rock and roll to the Echoplex. After a stretch signed to major labels, and some commercial success, the band went on a 10+ year hiatus, and regrouped in 2008.  The Oxford, England group has retained quite a bit of that mid 90’s post grunge sound, and no doubt the newer material will show the growth and development that only 2 decades performing or writing can provide.

Also performing are The Black Watch, A Santa Barbara band with more than 10 years under their belt, and a slew of releases based on a similar power pop style. Should be a great match for Swervedriver, as they do have a bit of the brit pop sparkle and inflection in their songs.  The show kicks off at 7 pm, tickets are $22, and the show is also 18 and over only.


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