Tuesday June 14th, the Boulevard Cafe and Bar on Whittier Blvd. will serve up a show that is a few decibels under their normal ear shredding fare. Spoonboy, a post punk sounding band from the midwest will headline a show with their catchy upbeat riffs, again not the usual fare for the Boulevard, but a good chance to catch an out-of-town band with a couple of good indie releases under their belt. 

Also performing are The Boy Who Could Fly, a female vocalist led group with a focus on quirky sounding recordings, almost as if made at home just for kicks, but with clever composition, and a deafeningly simple style to the mix. Their latest release “Brain Cloud” is a 100% lo-fi record, not once sounding overproduced.  In fact, sounding a bit underproduced, but clear enough to let the song shine through.  Lo-fi artists tend to be eccentric, and take their songs very personally.  This mentality shines through on this record, and the simplicity of the recording also presents a technical challenge, which The Boy Who Could Fly deal with handily.  COver charge is $5, doors at the Boulevard are typically open at around 7:30pm.


Thursday June 16th proves to be a busy day on the Eastside, with two great shows to pick from. Meat Puppets will be taking over the Echo, the legendary, highly influential band taking the stage for a rare Socal appearance. Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain paid tribute  to the band, one of his favorites, by covering three of their tunes, and made sure people knew at their “Unplugged, live in New York” album.  Nirvana also featured “On A Plain” on their seminal “Nevermind” album. These covers thrust the small, experimental rock group into the national spotlight, and this momentum combined with their crafty songs have carried them through ever since.

Their latest effort, “Lollipop“, released earlier this year, was a bit of an experiment. The band went into the studio with a clean palette, no music was written for the sessions, and it was all done  by the seat of their pants, written in the studio. Lollipop stands strong with the other Meat Puppet releases, perhaps only a bit more polished and developed as a band. The show kicks off at 8p.m., cost is $15, and is an 18 and over event.

The other big show Thursday night is Booker T.  at The Satellite.  For those of us who have heard his latest album, “The Road From Memphis”  the expectations are set extremely high for this show.  The album has won over new fans, convinced old fans of its integrity, and re-established Booker T. Jones as a musical force, with a past, and future that will shape bands and songwriting for a long time to come. Sometimes when you hear a great new album by an older artists, you wonder, would the industry have signed this artist, in this day and age?  Anti- records’ signing and promotion of Booker T. has set a new standard and direction for the well-known Silverlake indie label, and the response has been tremendous.

Known for such acts as Tom Waits, Sean Rowe, and Mavis Staples, Anti- has defied pop trends, and gone in a direction stressing substance over marketability, with beautiful results.  Questlove produced most of the beats on this latest record with his foot, at a drum kit rather than on a beat machine, and the analog feel mixed with the soulful grooves and retro organ make for an awesome album and show.  Doors at 8:30 pm, show at 9pm, $20, and will be 21 and over only please.


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