This Thursday June 9th, The Echo will host The Rumble LA, featuring two local favorites, The White Arrows, and Milo Greene.  Milo Greene is a mellow Rock band, soft, with a rocking approach to the tunes.  The interplay between the lead vocals, and the harmonies they spark are sharp and catchy.  The White Arrows will be supporting, playing spaced out psychedelic rock, mixed with electronic drums and keyboards to create huge echoing jams.  The show is free, but it is 21 and over only, and kicks off at 8:30.

The Ataris are making a surprising stop at the Airliner on Sunday, June 12th, just one stop on a month-long tour that appears to be booed by the seat of their pants.  Some of the later dates in New Mexico still show “Need Show” even though the band is already on the road!  Sounds like a fun show to catch, and definitely a nod to the Airliner’s credibility as a music venue in Lincoln Heights. 

With their 15+ years of pop punk history under their belts, The Ataris really could have had their pick of a venue for this date. It’s been fun seeing the small venue grow from a relative unknown bar with a stage. to a truly respected venue able to stretch lines of music fans around the humble Lincoln Heights block. The Ataris have said in messages to fans that they are doing everything they can to keep tickets down to $10 or $12, and the show is 21 and over only.

Also on Sunday the 12th, The Boulevard Cafe and Bar continues its activist stance with a fundraising event for Angel Food Project, an organization established to assist people living with different terminal illnesses.  You can learn more about Project Angel food here, and support the cause by attending this eclectic show.

The event features Joyce Manor, an indie flavored band with a feel that teeters between radio pop and much louder music, but never delves to deep into either extreme. Also performing are Isolated Victims, a great little Ska/Punk band that has been performing since 2003, tearing up stages in both ska and punk shows.  I say stages, but this is a true party band, playing just about anywhere, frequently in backyards in the neighborhood. The fact that they advertise this show as “All Night, Indoors, 3 Bucks, All Ages” sums it up nicely.


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