Quinto Sol will be performing at The M Bar this Friday, May 27th, bringing their “Razteca” reggae stylings to the stage the way only they can.  Their history in the neighborhood, their politically conscious lyrics, and their reggae grooves make them a great pick for Friday night, not to mention the fact that they can really get a dance floor moving. Their influences range from th Latin music they grew up around, to Marley style reggae, and even a bit of Rap-Rock ala Sublime. Their awareness, and willingness to discuss real issues through their music has made them culturally relevant, but their music, and the feel good tunes make them a show to catch.  Doors open at 8p.m.

Feeling a little saucy? Go out and catch yourself a good old fashioned burlesque show at Mr. T’s Bowl when Yadi and Judy Luck present… Girls! Girls! Girls! A Night of Music and Burlesque! Live music will be performed by Los Brigands, Vagrant Dead, Rundown Kreeps, and Jersey Trash, accompanying dancers Devin Marie, Jessabelle Thunder, Holly Rock-It, Delilah Demilo, Olivia Bellafontaine, and Judy Luck.

The Vagrant Dead are Highland Park locals, and should be bringing a good party with them. Their sound is an old school psychobilly romp, but delivered with an extra raunchy twist.  A eclectic mix of all types of Rock and Roll, lead singer Jesse David Cane’s eerie, howling vocals fill the songs with a presence that translates well on stage.  Tightly slapped upright bass along with vintage instrumentation are important to the Vagrant dead, and their sound reflects it.   Shows at Mr T’s usually kick off at around 8:30 on a Saturday, and the show is 21 and over only.

Saturday should prove to be busy at the Echoplex, as they will host both the Spring Beer Fest as well as the Dub Club’s Saturday Night Rub-A-Dub. The Beer Fest will feature live music by The Dustbowl Revival and The Silent Comedy, and there will be food deliviered by three of LA’s favorite food trucks: Calbi, Grill ’em All, and Meet N Potatoes.  The brews will flow from noon to 4p.m. so make sure to arrive early, and thirsty as this festival of gastronomical proportions also features unlimited pours.

Sounds like a good opportunity to dance your beer belly off with the Jamaican sounds of Sister Nancy, Madoo, Soom T, and Ranking Joe, all brought to you by the now famous Echoplex staple Dub Club.  The Dub Club has become a reliable haunt for the high end end of the reggae spectrum. At times their bass woofers can be heard overpowering a softer act in the Echo upstairs.  If you’re a fan of dub bass, reggae, rocksteady, classic ska, or just about anything soulful and Caribbean, then this is your spot.  For Soom T and Madoo, the show will be a Los Angeles debut, so expect fireworks on the stage, and a performance to remember.  The show is $10 until 10 p.m. when the cover goes up to $20, and the bass volume goes up to eleven.

One of the biggest things happening this weekend is not for the faint of heart, or for those who wish to retain their hearing in any reasonable fashion.  Threat Fest IV will be shredding vocal chords and eardrums at the Boulevard Cafe and Bar, as more than 15 bands take it over for two days of heavy mayhem after dark.  Out of town bands making the include Asta Kask from Sweden, Germ Attak from Canada, the “Fuckheads” from Boston, and Dresden, from  Appleton Wisconsin and fresh off of a brutal set at the Midwest Hellfest that found its way onto youtube.  From Friday the 27th to Saturday night, Threat Fest will be there for all your uber aggro needs.

The Eastside Luv has a couple of their regular events running this week, with Cabaret Con Carolina Cerisola and the Walter Davis Band on Saturday the 28th, and the Blue Agave coming back for another set on Sunday the 29th. Saturday night the show is $10, and kicks off at around 8p.m.  Sunday is free, with both nights under the Eastside Luv’s dress code. As they say on their site, “Look Hawt”


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