The Bongoloids and The Division Men at Eastside Luv

Thursday April 28th you can check out some big name talent, as Fredo Ortiz, formerly with the Beastie Boys, and Tito & Tarantula will have his own band’s debut at the Eastside Luv. His drums have been sought after in many side bands throughout East LA, and now he brings all his experience and chops to the stage at the Eastside Luv for his first night out under the moniker of The Bongoloidz. 

This will be our chance to see what Ortiz has learned from performing with such acts as Los Lobos, Los Villains, Ozomatli, Money Mark, and The Offspring, just to name a few of the bigger more well known bands he’s joined on stage.  With all the venues and shows he has under his belt, he should not have any issues wowing the crowd at the smaller Eastside Luv.

Also performing are The Division Men, from El Paso TX, also featuring a member of Tito & Tarantula, this time bassist Caroline Rippy-Portillo.  This duet’s quiet, mellow sound reminds me of the more flamenco or mariachi inspried side of Tito &Tarantula, while Fredo Ortiz’ Bongoloidz will likely bring the more rocking side. Definitely a show you want to get to early, remember to check out Eastside Luv’s dress code, all shows are 21 and over, and the show is free before 9:30 pm, and $5 thereafter.

Sean Rowe at The Bootleg Theater

Friday April 29th you can catch Anti- Records artist Sean Rowe at The Bootleg Theater as he takes a break from supporting Lot In The Trees on their latest tour to headline his own show.  The singer songwriter has drawn comparisons to Van Morrison, and Leonard Cohen, but his recordings are made in a way no major would have the freedom to.  Recorded in a little space above his grandfather’s old Italian restaurant, the album is intensely personal, and powerfully dynamic.

His deep voice weaving tales of family, heartbreak, chasing down life and a taste of anger, or is that spite?  The emotional roller coaster that is his latest release “Magic” even finds time for head bobbing rock, with tracks like “Jonathan” giving enough energy to angry up the blood. Mostly though, the lyrics are pensive.  Like good and bad memories, one needing the other, the album travels from almost sleepy “Surprise” to more in your face, electrified and jaunty “Wrong Side Of The Bed” for a collection of songs that stand alone as great tracks, but also come together to compile an awesome album, full of personal depth and introspection.

Oh Darling at The Satellite Saturday April 30th.

Oh Darling is having their record release party at The Satellite on Saturday April 30th.  The release of their latest effort, “Brave The Sound” will feature all the guitar pop and whimsical vocals that crowds have come to expect from the group, and Saturday will be the record’s coming out party.

The group has made some noise as of late, featured in Brand X’s Unheard L.A. and also releasing a version of their song “Young Love” soon, for the popular Rock Band game. More exciting still is the group’s recent synch deal for their song “Prettiest Thing” which will be featured in an upcoming Disney movie, “Prom”.  One would expect the group to head out of town on a tour to support their latest release, so dont miss your chance to catch them at the Satellite while the record is fresh, as well as the material. The show is $8 and 21 and over.

Mudhoney, The Adolescents, White Flag, at The Echoplex

Sunday May 1st is probably the biggest show all weekend, with Mudhoney headlining a stellar night at the Echoplex. With White Flag and The Adolescents warming up the crowd, by the time Mudhoney takes the stage, the energy in the Echoplex should be off the charts.

Mudhoney has been a part of the grunge / Seattle scene since it’s inception, and we responsible for inspiring countless influential bands. In their early days, performing in the Seattle in pre-grunge “Alternative” music scene, they inspired some of the heaviest hitting, highly influential bands of our time.  Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and pioneering grunge bands like Sonic Youth and Pearl Jam were influenced by their sound and songwriting style, particularly the heavy distortion and unconventional songwriting stylings.  Throw in the two openers, and you’ve got on e hell of a show on your hands.

The Adolescents are a staple of the So-Cal scene, with their roots being some of the deepest in punk rock history, and their tunes being some of the best executed punk songs ever.  “Amoeba” is a theme, mixing blazing guitars with perfect harmonies and clever lyrics, the band has turned out songs that no collection would be complete without, and have earned top respect and worldwide by sticking to their sound and bringing the show with the same intensity night after night.

White Flag is another band that has been  around our socal scene since 1982, beginning in a place called Sunnymead, CA (now Moreno Valley).  They are known for putting out a TON of records, and not taking themselves, or their genre, too seriously. This can be refreshing.  When most bands are out to compete or show how tough they can be, these guys are cranking out album after album, and touring wherever they want.  The members have decades of experience in their stage spots, and now with their 25th full length album release, have rached a punk rock milestone that few bands will ever duplicate.  Their lasting power is a testament to their easygoing ways, and laid back philosophy, but also a tribute to their earnest hard work. The show is $20 in Advance, $22 Day of the show, 18 and over please.

Alberta Cross Residency at The Satellite

Alberta Cross will be starting their residency at The Satellite on Tuesday, May 3rd, and performing every Tuesday night in may starting at around 9pm.  Alberta Cross will also be at Bonnaroo in June, after reaping the benefits of a successful release, their debut album “Broken Side Of Time”.  Rolling Stone featured them as Breaking Artist, They have toured both US and abroad with top name bands like Oasis, and Them Crooked Vultures, playing a mix of Electric Blues and rock that makes for a modern twist on an old format. The songs seem almost familiar, with catchy melodies and hooks, but with a modern feel that seems to push the boundaries of the genres. A great chance to catch this breakout band on the way up, the shows are $10 and 21 and over only.


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