First, for those of you who share in the idea that an old time is a good time, The Bootleg Theater has just the thing on Thursday April 7th.  This has become one of my favorite venues to take in a show, as the sound is great, the crowds are eclectic, and the music is an open minded mélange of all things loud, and some more laid back acts as well.

Frank Fairfield


Seasick Steve on the 3 string guitar.

Performing at The Bootleg Theatre


This particular show will be a mix of the two starting with one man Folk music revivalist Frank Fairfield.  He has enjoyed the support of local old time music lovers with residencies at the Redwood, occasionaly romping around downtown LA with his violin or banjo on his shoulder.  His storytelling brings to mind some of the great folk artists, like Guthrie and Dylan, without trying to reinvent the wheel or add instruments that didn’t exist in folk’s Golden Age.  The show is simple and authentic, and will likely make a great opener for Seasick Steve, the Show’s headliner.

For the uninitiated Seasick Steve is an old time country blues revivalist, keeping his flavor of blues in the chitlin curcuit.  His slide guitar led swampy blues numbers are at times eery, reminiscent of Tony Joe White or other swamp blues favorites. Other times, they are straight rock blues numbers.  The common thread in his songs are the stories.  Tales of his travels as a bum or busker in Paris, to spoken word numbers like “The Jungle” about the ups and downs of life are delivered smoothly, almost in a comforting tone. Especially amazing is the knowledge that this man actually led his life this way, this is not just a songwriting experiment.  Jumping from train to train, hobo’ing from job to job, and just riding the rails to anywhere, and now he’s here, on the Eastside, for us to enjoy.  The show is $12 at the door, and 21 and over.

Sub Pop recording artist Papercuts are performing at the Satellite LA on Friday, April 8th.  Papercuts are a dream pop band.   If you’re wondering what that means, (like I was) think echo laden vocals, meandering full of their own echo and reverb, over softly strummed instruments, and barely any drum sound.  The vocals are almost whispered,  mixing in with accordions, mallet struck percussion (is that a timpani?), and occasionally, strings.  The general feeling is like listening to a band that is usually much louder, but almost sarcastically quiets down to get their point across. Doors are at 8:30 p.m. and the event is $10.

Amad Jamal and The Solution

at Dinner House M


Dinner House M is also hosting a party on Friday the 8th, to celebrate their 24th year, and to raise money for releif for Japanese Earthquake victims.  Bobo House Sessions present Amad Jamal and The Solution, along with Non from the Shadowhuntaz for a night of experimental hip-hop in the shadows of Dodger Stadium.

Bobo House Sessions have been a regular feature at Dinner House M, but from what I have seen, no two shows from them are alike.  In between and after the live shows, DJ’s Jahkova, Seraphome, and BJ The DJ will spin for the crowd.  This show is $5 before 10 p.m. and $10 after.

Bobo House Sessions


One event going on this weekend that really took me back, was Luck of The Draw at Mr. T’s Bowl on April 9th.  I had to check, to make sure I was reading it correctly, and to make sure that I wasn’t mistakenly reading a flyer from 1998.  This is a band that has been a staple of so-cal rock and roll for a long time, and a great band for a Saturday night in Highland Park.  The music is garage rock, infused with just enough 50’s and 60’s to keep it from being rockabilly, but still rock in the blues progression. All shows at Mr T’s Bowl are 21 and over, this particular show is $10.

Also Saturday, Roger Miret and The Disasters will be performing at The Airliner in Lincoln Heights. If you hadn’t heard them yet, one thing you need to know is that frontman Roger Miret is also the lead singer of seminal East Coast hardcore band Agnostic Front.

The Disasters have just released their first album in 5 years, on Sailor’s Grave records, after a short stint on Hellcat Records.  The music is punk rock, but with the clean snappy and catchy songwriting of bands like Rancid, or the Bastards.  It’s easy to see how this band was a good fit for the Silverlake indie label. Now on Sailor’s Grave records, and with a new album to boot, it will be interesting to see which direction Miret and band is take, musically. Doors open at 8pm, $12 at the door, and 18 and over only please.

Roger Miret and The Disasters

at The Airliner


Chris Robinson Brotherhood are performing at Echoplex on Monday April 11th.  Part of a 4 week series, Robinson and band will showcase lead singer Chris’ personal side, along with some actual guitar playing, and a party to kick off his California tour.  Chris’ regular band, The Black Crowes have been on again off again for a while now, and this seems to be Chris’ way of keeping himself busy and on stage.  It takes real renown to be able to announce a solo tour of about 35 dates in some of the best venues on the West Coast.  He kicks off this tour with his residency at The Echoplex, the show is $12 advance, $15 at the door, 18+ only please.

Also in Echo Park, on Tuesday, April 12th, Moon Duo will be performing at the Echo. This band puts a heavy hand to the synthesized sound, and their latest record “Mazes” (Sacred Bones Records)  is a showcase of different ways to pile synth sounds onto guitar sounds, for sonic bliss. The record opens with “Seer”, a pile of distorted sound and clashing soundwaves running into each other, and sort of left me wondering what was next.  The next track is a great lead into the rest of the album.  Jumping garage guitars, still heavy on the effects, but now in sonic order and backed by a rock beat.

Moon Duo


Performing  At The Echo


From there the album takes you on a dynamic, sonically varied, and masterful rock record.  The synth is still apparent on all the tracks, but the guitar riffs and distorted bass at times bring bands like the Misfits to mind.  Ok, maybe if the band had a better time in high school, but that driving, energized power is definitely there.  The cover is $10 pre-sale, $12 at the door. Show starts at 8:30 p.m.









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